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Ethiconsulting Ltd

About Us


Profile of Robert Taylor


Robert started his career in the Ministry of Defence, where he held a variety of roles over ten years, including being private secretary to a Minister. 

He left to join the private sector in the telecommunications sector in 1984, so has experienced the cycles of change in that industry for over 20 years.  In GPT, he held a variety of roles in UK and international sales, including spells in Bulgaria, Russia and Germany. 

Cable & Wireless recruited him in 1996 to run its public sector business, which achieved significant growth and success working with Government on projects like the GSI, CJX, NHSnet, Knowledge Network and many others. 

Robert graduated from Cambridge with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, after a first degree in natural sciences.

He is an Associate of the Institute of Business Consultancy and member of the IoD.

Our approach

Ethiconsulting can assess the capabilities and strategies of businesses selling to the UK public sector with a health check and advise how to optimise the sales approach.   

The consultancy has specialist competence in advising on registering and complying with the Intellect ICT suppliers’ code of best practice, and mobilising the whole organisation to sell to the UK Government.